I want some labels printed, what information do you need?

  1. The size of the label. We have plenty of cutters in stock so its advisable to ask us what is the closest size we have to meet your requirements, this will save you money.
  2. You will need to have an idea of how many labels you require. An average run of labels can be 500 or 1000 but can increase to millions.
  3. How many colours you are looking to have printed, and if it’s a single colour, a number of spot colours or a full colour design.
  4. We need to know what the application is so we can suggest a suitable material. If you’re confident you know all these then please call or email us for more assistance.

I have an existing label, but I don’t have the artwork. What can I do?

A: Don’t worry, we can recreate artwork from an original label. We ask that the label be as undamaged as possible and it has no marks or scratches.

Can I have my labels supplied individually and not on a roll?

A: Yes, we can sheet your roll labels to individuals.

What does “NEL” mean on my quote?

A: NEL is an example of winding directions and stands for Narrow Edge Leading. This means that the labels come off the roll with the narrowest edge first. Other directions are as follows.

unwind chart


My Labels are applied by machine, what information do you require?

A: If your labels are machine applied then we require the following information:-

  • Core Size
  • Leading Edge (REL, LEL, HEAD, FOOT)
  • Max Outer Diameter
  • Outside/Inside Wound
  • Gaps required between labels
  • Roll Quantity

If your labels are applied by hand, we will produce the labels to a standard specification. If you are unsure of any of the requirements then please do not hesitate in contacting us.

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